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Heaps 007 – Andrey Bogdanov – Skywalker & Say To You

Andrey Bogdanov - Skywalker & Say To You

Heaps of extra uplifting Electro sounds coming out on Heaps #7. The Skywalker & Say To You EP is presented by Andrey Bogdanov from Sochi, Russia.

Say To You is a smart and funky Electro tune with heaps catchy vocals. Skywalker is a progressive and more dreamy track with a fantastic build-up and soundscape that will let your mind take off to fly!

Andrey Bogdanov was born in 1983 in Novnocherkassk in Russia. He began his career in 1999, and since 2001 Andrey Bogdanov organizes and participates in parties in and around Moscow as DJ and promoter. The Skywalker & Say To You EP is released exclusively with Beatport on 16th of December and is available in all digital music download shops including Trackitdown, Juno, DJdownload, iTunes, etc. on December, 30th 2010.

Heaps 007:
Andrey Bogdanov – Say To You (Original)
Andrey Bogdanov – Skywalker
Andrey Bogdanov – Say To You (Dub Mix)

Dec, 16 with Beatport
Dec, 30 with all digital music major retailers

Andrey Bogdanov Online:

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